Construction Update

Construction is underway at The Towers at Elizabeth Quay! The ‘Early Works package’ which included obtaining authority approvals, diverting services on site, and archaeological works, is now complete.

Following this, the ‘Head Contract Works’ started in August with a number of critical works progressed during September, including the commencement of piling.

The basement Diaphragm Wall (D-Wall) is now under construction in both Lot 9 and 10, with a targeted completion date in late November for Lot 10, and by mid-February for Lot 9.

ProBuild have taken a selection of photos which we have included below. Construction works is currently on programme.

Aerial photo looking over Lot 9 works and site accommodation.

Aerial photo overlooking Ophir Walk (walkway between Lot 9 and 10) and the Bentonite Plant.

Photo taken from ground, looking into Lot 9 from northern boundary.

View from ProBuild time lapse camera.

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